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Our Story

The grit and power of youth’s concerns over climate change.

In July 2020, when COP26 was postned to 2021 despite being in the midst of a crisis for climate change, “Mock COP26” was established. An international conference was held in November, with the participation of the COP26 Chair, the Minister of the Environment of Italy, and the UN Special Envoy for Youth.

330 young people representing 140 countries held discussions and made “18 policy proposals” to COP26 and the prime ministers of each country. The world including major media outlets turned their heads towards this action. Today, access to “#MockCOP26” has exceeded 2.4 million. As the world dynamically shifts to a sustainable society, we realized that Japan’s efforts have been significantly delayed.

With that, in Jan 2021, Mana Saza and her team establisehd “SWiTCH””Mock COP26” to put a stop to global warming. We have established “SWiTCH”, a platform for building a sustainable society. SWiTCH has made the “SWiTCH Forum”, a platform for young people to make recommendations to society, an important pillar, as well as providing information, education, and design that contribute to a sustainable society.

Message From The Director

Thank you for visting SWiTCH.

SWiTCH is a youth platform that aims to realize a sustainable society. Climate change is in crisis. Unfortunately, Japan has missed the world’s sustainable wave. I think there are three major issues as the cause.

The first is “There are no young people in the resolutions that will influence the future.” The second is “Too little information about sustainability has low interest and priority in the climate crisis.” The third is “Not enough cooperation with the world”.

The establishment of SWiTCH lies here in which, we will promote cooperation between Japan and the world and realize a sustainable society. However, the realization of a sustainable society is impossible for youth to do alone. At SWiTCH, we are creating a system in which young people play a central role and the adult generation supports.

SWiTCH is aiming to meet the net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Director’s Bio

Mana Saza

Sustainability Strategist

Born in 1995. BSc from University of British Columbia, Canada. Graduated from the University College London, MSc Sustainable Development. Served as Global Ambassador to Mock COP26 that put together 18 policy proposals to COP26 with environmental youth activists from 140 countries. Mock COP successfully started the “Education Ministers Summit” with UNESCO, UNICEF, the UK and the Italian Government to push for climate education in over 20+ countries at COP26. Participated as Japanese youth representative to COP26, 2021. Established SWiTCH Association of Sustainability the same year. Awarded 2023 Forbes Japan 30 Under 30. Currently working to raise 1 million sustainability ambassadors towards EXPO 2025 in Osaka.
  • Mock COP26 Global Coordinator
  • UNSSC Circular Economy & the 2030 Agenda Certificate
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation Linear to Circular Selected Young Professionals Certificate
  • Collective Leadership Institute The Art of Leading Collectively Certificate
  • 2021 COP26 Japan Youth Representative

Mock COP26
Founded by youth around the world

International conference with
330 youth from 140 countries

In July 2020, young people around the world founded “Mock COP26” because they were concerned that COP26 was postponed to 2021 in a crisis of climate change.

An international conference was held in November, with the participation of the COP26 Chair, the Minister of the Environment of Italy, and the UN Special Envoy for Youth. 330 young people representing 140 countries held discussions and made “18 policy proposals” to COP26 and the prime ministers of each country, which attracted the attention of the world including major media. Access to “#MockCOP26” has exceeded 2.4 million.

We hold regular meetings for equal participation in the COP26 Secretariat and Youth Conference in November 2021.

Mock COP

Our Services

01Global Information

Bringing global knowledge to Japan

Much of the know-how and information on climate change, environmental issues and the transition to a sound material-cycle society is written in English. We will introduce global sustainable practices in Japanese and the also showcase efforts in Japan to the world.

Youth Activity Report

We will introduce the visions and activities of youth who are leading sustainable activities in Japan and around the world through talk sessions and interviews, and by doing so provide opportunities to learn from the perspectives of these youth.

02Technology & Design

Circular Technology

We will introduce various technologies that circulate resources, eliminate waste and pollution, and regenerate nature, and propose partnerships that overcome formal industries and technical specializations which allow for practical use.

Sustainable Design

We will contribute to the transition to a circular society through introducing art pieces and graphic design pieces created by teams specializing in sustainable design.

03Sustainable Education

Sustainable Education

The realization of a circular society begins with learning about sustainability. Through events, workshops, symposiums, etc., we provide opportunities to learn across generations.

Ambassador Training

We provide ambassador training to promote sustainable ideas and train youth to drive actions with strong leadership.

Youth Advisory Members

sustainability professionals all over the world supporting SWiTCH values

Lucas Turmena

Lucas Turmena

Works as the Climate Change Officer at ICLEI South America with energy transition projects. Worked at the Department of Planning of Niterói, Brazil. Holds an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London and a BA in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil.

Marie-Claire Graf

Works as the YOUNGO Global Focal Point and Co-Founder of Sustainability Week International. Worked as a research assistant at ETH Zurich, EMPA, University of Stuttgart and Basel. Studied at University of Zurich and ETH Zurich and currently doing her MBA at University of Cumbria on Sustainability and Leadership.

Raja Asvanon

Currently is a research associate at SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute). Worked as a sustainability consultant at ERM (Environmental Resources Management) in Thailand. Previously worked as an environmentalist at the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment of Thailand. A Chevening scholar, received an MSc from the Bartlett Development Planning Unit of University College London and BA in International Studies from Mahidol University International College.

鳥井 要佑

Yosuke Torii

Studies at The University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Japan. Currently is a 2nd year at the One Earth Guardians Development Program and is a youth member of the Climate Emergency Network. While learning mechanisms of plant nutrition acquisition he is also involved in actively achieving a circular economy.

Talia Meeuwissen

Works as the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Officer at UNICEF Kenya Country Office. She holds an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies at The London School of Economics, an AdvDip in British and European Studies at the University of Oxford and a BA in European Studies from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Viviana Sanchez-Aizcorbe

Works as a researcher in the Environmental Health and Urban Ecology Lab from Cayetano Heredia University, Peru. Previously worked as a consultant to the Municipality of San Borja and the Municipality of la Molina, Peru. She completed her degree in Msc Environment and Sustainable Development in University College London with a Distinction and received her BA in Biology from Cayetano Heredia University.

Advisory Members

Takeshi Ito

Currently is a professor at the Osaka University’s Social Solution Initiative, Japan. Received his BA in Government and Economics from Waseda University. He also holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and Business and a PhD in Business Administration from Josai International University’s Graduate School of Management and Information Sciences. Additionally he serves as a member of the steering committee of the Organisation for Cross-Regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO), Japan.

Shunsuke Managi

Distinguished Professor of Technology and Policy and the Director of the Urban Institute at the Kyushu University, Japan. Previously was the Director of the UN’s “Inclusive Wealth Report 2018”, Lead Author for the IPCC, Coordinating Lead Author for the IPBES, Vice-Chair to the OECD Trade and Environment, Co-Chair of the 2018 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists.

Hiromi Shimizu

Principal of a public elementary school in Tokyo. She aims to increase children’s positivity and excitement to attend school by participating in the school’s operation of extracurricular activities. She serves as the Chair of the National Elementary School Activities Research Society and Lead of the Extracurricular Activities Division.
Also is an Ambassador to the Ministry of the Environment of Japan’s Mori Sato Kawa Umi Project. Won First Prize of the 2020 UNESCO ESD School Award.

Kenji Shino

Currently working as Patagonia Japan’s Brand Responsibility Manager and the Auditor of Conservation Alliance Japan that runs an outdoor industry’s nature conservation fund. Additionally serves as the Board Member of the Nature Conservation Society of Japan, Advisory to publishment project of “B Corp Handbook” Japanese version available in June 2022.

Country Representatives

Vien Pui Sum Cheng

Norway SWiTCH Representative

Currently located in Norway. Previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Hong Kong. She holds a BSc in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Hong Kong and an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London.

Company Overview

Name of Organization SWiTCH Association of Sustainability
Legal Structure Non-Profit Organization
Established 6 January 2021
Director Mana Saza
Location 〒150-0002 2-9-15 Miyamasuzaka Building 609, Shibuya-ku Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

How to be involved