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国際会議「How are emerging leaders practising green skills?」に登壇しました!

国際会議「How are emerging leaders practising green skills?」に登壇しました!


Global Sustainable Development Congress 2024


Breakout: How are emerging leaders practising green skills?

Click here to listen to the session recording.
Current and future generations will become the leaders responsible for driving efforts towards a more sustainable future. This session will explore how today’s emerging leaders are implementing and developing green skills throughout their careers to create long-lasting positive and meaningful impact. We will also discuss how academia, business, government and civil society can better support emerging leaders through greater communication and collaboration.

Discussion points:

  • What are the main challenges faced by emerging leaders, as they seek to implement green skills?
  • How can education institutions better support young leaders in building green careers?
  • How can we incentivise cross-sector partnerships with, investment in and exposure of young leaders and their missions?


Location: バンコク
Date: 2024年6月12日
End Date: 2024年6月12日